Shallow Survey 2001

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The Second International Conference on High Resolution Surveys in Shallow Water, was held at the Sheraton in Portsmouth, in September 2001. The meeting was a remarkable success attracting more than 225 participants representing at least 12 nations, 16 government agencies, and 52 corporations. Fifty papers were presented, ten of them by members of the Center.

The concept of the Shallow Water Surveying conferences is that a “common data set” is collected well before the conference. The NOAA Ship Whiting came to Portsmouth Harbor and collected multibeam and sidescan sonar data in early November. NOAA also collected aerial photographs of the New Hampshire and Maine coasts and a NOAA tide station in Portsmouth Harbor was reestablished to support the Whiting survey and future work.

The NOAA surveys generated a spectacular bathymetric and sidescan data set of Portsmouth Harbor as well as the opportunity for Center personnel to meet the NOAA survey teams and work hand-in-hand with them on the collection and processing of data.

The common data included:

• Reson 8101 data collected by NOAA

• Klein 5000 sidescan sonar data collected by NOAA

• Submetrix interfermetric sidescan data collected by the USGS Woods Hole

• Navitronix sweep data collected by the Dept. of Public Works Canada

• Simrad dual head EM3000 data collected by Simrad

• Reson 8125 dual head and 8128 forward looking data collected by SAIC

• Triton-Elics 200 kHz multibeam data collected by Triton Elics

• Geoacoustics 125 and 250 kHz interferometric sidescan data collected by Geoacoustics

• Odom Echoscan data collected by Odom

• Atlas Fansweep 20 data collected by Odom

• Elac 1180 data collected by Seabeam L3

• Reson 9001 data collected by the Army Corps of Engineers

• EdgeTech MPX multifrequency sidescan data collected by EdgeTech

• IKONOS satellite imagery provided by Space Imaging

• SHOALS LIDAR data collected by the Army Corps of Engineers

• Video mosaic data collected by CCOM

• A core sample database collected by the Jackson Marine Lab

With the exception of the NOAA, USGS, DPW, ODOM and ACoE surveys, all of the other sonar data was collected from the CCOM/JHC survey vessel Coastal Surveyor.


Shallow Survey 2001 Committee
Shallow Survey 2001 Committee (from left to right): Jennifer Bedsole, Shep Smith, Lisa Scigliano, Andy Armstrong, Martin Jakobsson, Larry Mayer, Lloyd Huff.