2020-2021 Scholars


Eloisa Jayne Barnett

United Kingdom


Ellie Barnett recently graduated from the University of Southampton in the UK with a master's in Geophysics. Her passion has always surrounded some form of geological hazard and, after completing her thesis in Tsunami Hazard Modelling, she found a huge in ability to calculate run up heights for certain areas of the world. This was due to a lack of high resolution seafloor bathymetry. This led her to begin looking into how she can make a change towards this, in order to help with the prediction of future tsunami events around the world. The GEBCO/NF Seabed 2030 caught her eye and she was excited to get involved by learning new skills at UNH and contribute to the global effort to map our oceans.


Padraig Cronin



Padraig Cronin received a Masters in Applied Coastal and Marine Management from the University College Cork in 2015. And would have been exposed to the field of hydrography through observing and processing of marine spatial datasets. Padraig was a contractor with the Geological Survey Ireland from 2017 onwards as an online surveyor and data processor as part of the INFOMAR project. Mostly tasked with the mobilisation and calibration on survey equipment onboard the vessels of the inshore fleet, along with logistical support and survey planning. Padraig would have applied for the GEBCO scholarship on strong recommendation from his project manager Sean Cullen, manager David hardy and GEBCO alumni Aileen Bohan. Hopefully upon completion of GEBCO program, he will be returning to GSI to continue working for the INFOMAR project.  


Ivan Dudkov



Ivan Dudkov comes to CCOM/JHC from the small and quiet city of Kaliningrad, Russia, on the coast of the South-Eastern part of the Baltic Sea. He got both a Bachelor of Science* and a Master of Science** degrees from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in 2018 and 2020, respectively. Ivan started his hydrographical activity in the last term of his bachelor’s educational program as a technician of the laboratory of the Atlantic Ocean Geology of the Atlantic Branch of the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS in 2018. He was promoted to Junior Researcher at the beginning of 2020.

In his lab, Ivan focuses on both - marine and land activity. Marine activity is mostly participation in research cruises of the RVs of the Russian Academic Fleet. As a part of the research group, he carries single- and multibeam echosounder surveys, sidescan survey, and subbottom profiling in both shallow (The Baltic Sea) and deep (The Atlantic Ocean) waters. Land activity is the processing of the acquired data and research work with a focus on seabed geomorphology and bottom dynamics (especially, bottom currents and its influences onto seafloor).

Despite (or because) of the wide range of his activities, Ivan is at the beginning of his "hydrographic" path. Today Ivan is enrolled in the Ocean Mapping Certificate program at UNH as a student of the GEBCO group. It is an exciting step on that path for him.

*Geography with core in Oceanography and Meteorology
**Geography with core in Coastal Oceanography


Marcos Daniel de Almeida Leite



Daniel Leite is a Brazilian Oceanographer. Since attaining his master's degree in Environmental Oceanography in August 2015, he has been working on different fields related to ocean mapping (bathymetric survey focused on the development and safety of marine navigation, seafloor installations, and habitat mapping). For the last two years, Daniel worked as a researcher at the Marine Geosciences Laboratory - LaboGeo, in Brazil.

He was mainly acquiring multibeam multispectral data, shallow seismic data, images from drop-cameras, and gravity cores, to define the influence of seabed morphology and antecedent geology on habitat distribution.


Kurt Louis Abesamis Montemor



Kurt Montemor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the Technological Institute of the Philippines (Quezon City Campus), and is now currently undertaking the Postgraduate Certificate Course in Ocean Mapping at CCOM/JHC as sponsored by GEBCO. Since August 2013, Kurt has been working for the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (Philippines) under the Hydrography Branch, and holds the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He has worked on shallow and midwater surveys, and done other jobs related to equipment procurement and maintenance.


Luisana Carolina Osorio Vilma



Luisana Osorio is a land surveyor and a geodetic engineer from Zulia University, Venezuela, her home country. She moved to Colombia in 2014 and started working at the Colombian Hydrographic Service. She has participated in multiple surveys around the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, doing mostly multibeam and subbottom profiler surveys. She also has experience processing hydrographic data. Luisana is passionate about ocean mapping and would like to pass this passion to the younger generations.