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E.g., 2023-11-29
E.g., 2023-11-29
National Geographic News
Feb. 17, 2005
"Technology has improved dramatically in the last ten years, but the deep oceans are just so vast," Gardner said. "Something else has to be done."
Military Officer Magazine
Jun. 1, 2004
A survey of ships and other craft lost during Operation Neptune provides not only an inventory of sunken artifacts but also a key to remembering D-Day.
Foster´s online
Apr. 3, 2004
Foster´s online
Mar. 2, 2004
Terra cognita
May. 14, 2003
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May. 14, 2003
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May. 8, 2003
April 2002 Hydro International, displayed with permission. Copyright 2002 by GITC
Apr. 1, 2003
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Mar. 17, 2003
UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Mar. 2, 2003
UNH Magazine Online
Jan. 4, 2003
Ocean-mapping experts reconstruct what happened when allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy
The Seahorse
Sep. 1, 2001
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences - UNH
Jan. 10, 2000
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences - UNH
Jun. 1, 1999