Zego Boat

Tom Lippmann operates the Zego boat in Portsmouth Harbor, NH.

The Zego Boat Hydrographic Survey System is a 2nd generation shallow water mapping research vessel. The twin-hulled catamaran has a 30 hp outboard motor and was constructed in New Zealand with durable plastic material (distributed in the U.S. by Higgs Hydrographic, Inc.). The vessel has a very shallow draft allowing it to operate in depths as little as 40-50 cm and is very stable in the presence of both waves (breaking and nonbreaking) and strong current conditions. The vessel has a front ram assembly that allows testing and integrating of equipment much easier than possible for other vessels of this size (such as waverunner-based systems like the Center’s Coastal Bathymetry Survey System; CBASS). Central to the system is an Applanix POS-MV 320 for highly accurate positioning, heading and attitude that can be integrated with a variety of multibeam echo sounders. Additional instrumentation integrated into the hulls of the vessel includes an Imagenex Delta-T MBES, Teledyne Odom Echotrac CV-100 SBES with dual frequency (200 & 24 kHz) Airmar transducer, and modular portal for a variety of RD Instruments acoustic Doppler current profilers. System displays are provided by two waterproof touch-screen monitors and with navigation by supported by Hypack.

For additional information about the Zego Boat, please contact Tom Lippmann.

The Zego Boat can be trailered for transport and launched off a boat launch ramp.
The Zego can be trailered for transport and deployed from a boat launch.
View of the Zego's stern showing the Yamaha 30 horsepower motor.
View of the Zego's Yamaha 30 horsepower motor.
View of the Zego's system displays..
The Zego's system display monitors.
Researcher Jon Hunt operates the Zego.
Researcher Jon Hunt operates the Zego.