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This Day Live
Mar. 9, 2024
Rear Admiral Ayo Olugbode of the Nigerian Navy visited CCOM to discuss opportunities for collaboration and synergy.
Post and Courier
Jan. 29, 2024
CCOM Research Professor Anthony Lyons comments on the advancements in underwater drone technology that have led to a possible clue to the location of Amelia Earhart's lost plane.
Wall Street Journal
Jan. 26, 2024
CCOM director Larry Mayer has weighed in on the tech that Tony Romeo used in his expedition to find Amelia Earhart's lost plane, saying that it's what he would use. 
The Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Jan. 19, 2024
A CCOM project, "Next Generation Seafloor Mapping Tools," has been chosen as one of four projects to be funded by the Ocean Shot Research Grant—a program dedicated to advancing innovative studies for the better understanding and sustainable management of our oceans—from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation's Ocean Policy Research Institute.
Dec. 21, 2023
Larry Mayer explains how multibeam sonar is used to cut through an ocean filled with noise—revolutionizing how the seafloor is viewed.
Jan. 9, 2024
Larry Mayer comments on the results of a monumental undersea mapping effort that could add 1 million square kilometers of sea floor.