All extensions are relative to +1.603.862.xxxx.

Name Title Ext. Emailsort descending
Abby Letts LTJG/Operations Support Team Lead 3438
Adam Gibbons Software Engineer 3438
Andy Armstrong Co-Director, JHC 4559
Airlie Pickett M.S. Student 0564
Carl Kammerer Oceanographer 3285
Carly Stanton Scientific Programmer 3438
Clint Marcus Physical Scientist 3438
Elizabeth Kretovic Deputy to the Director
Erin Nagel Scientific Programmer 0250
Glen Rice Physical Scientist, HSTB 1397
Howie Meyers M.S. Student 0564
John Kelley Affiliate Research Professor 1628
Kevin Tennyson M.S. Student 0564
Katrina Wyllie NOAA Physical Scientist 3438
Neil Weston Affiliate Research Professor
Shannon Hoy Physical Scientist