Advances in Nearshore Processes Research: Four Decades of Progress

TitleAdvances in Nearshore Processes Research: Four Decades of Progress
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsHolman, R, Haller, M, Lippmann, TC, K. Holland, T, Jaffee, B
JournalShore and Beach

The purpose of this paper is to summarize four decades of progress in nearshore research, the duration of the science career of Dr. Abby Sallenger. This paper is a retrospective foundation and jumping-off point for a companion paper that discusses the priority directions for future research as developed in a recent community meeting and from subsequent discussions. Our review starts with a short discussion of the nature of the nearshore problem, then is divided into four periods, pre-1974, 1974-1989, 1989-2000 and finally 2000-the present. Each section covers the research highlights for fluid and sedimentary processes, key facilitators of progress including instrumentation development and large experiments, and community assessments of priority unsolved problems at the end of each period.

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