Calibrating broadband multibeam seabed backscatter

TitleCalibrating broadband multibeam seabed backscatter
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsGuimaraes, I, Hughes Clarke, JE
Conference NameCanadian Hydrographic Conference
Conference LocationQuebec City
Conference DatesFebruary 24-27
Keywordsbroadband;, calibrated, multibeam backscatter

Standard calibration procedures for multibeam sonars currently only address the fidelity of the bathymetric data. Equivalent effort is needed to ensure that the acquired seabed backscatter strength measurements are referenced to a similarly precise level. This paper presents an operational method utilizing multiple pre-calibrated split-beam echo sounders covering a wide range (50-400 kHz) of frequencies. This is needed to cover the full range of frequencies utilized by multisector multibeams operating in continental shelf depths.