Data Quality Indicators for Bathymetric Data on ECDIS Display

TitleData Quality Indicators for Bathymetric Data on ECDIS Display
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsKastrisios, C, Ware, C
Date PublishedNovember
Organization NameIHO Nautical Cartography Working Group (NCWG)
LocationWollongong, Australia
KeywordsCATZOC, Electronic Navigational Chart, Portrayal, Quality of Bathymetric Data, safety of navigation, symbology

Zones of Confidence (ZOC) are used with Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) to inform mariners about the confidence the producing nation places in bathymetric data. Accident reports show that failing to account for the varying data quality may result in maritime accidents, environmental disasters, and loss of life (e.g., (BSU, 2020; DSB, 2017; RMIMA, 2020)). A major concern with the ZOC concept has been the utilized symbology with glyphs consisting of stars. Due to its recognized deficiencies, star symbology has been rejected for use with the Quality of Bathymetric Data (QoBD) (DQWG, 2019a), the successor of ZOC in S-101, and, therefore, alternative methods are being investigated. Recognizing the importance of the visualization of bathymetric data quality, the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping of the University of New Hampshire (UNH/CCOM) has been working toward new intuitive symbology for the QoBD numerical scheme (1 for best quality and 5 for worst). One potential solution is with the use of see-through textures consisting of countable elements. Two countable textures were developed, one consisting of lines and one of clusters of dots, while three more color-based schemes were developed building upon ideas previously discussed within the hydrographic community. The five coding schemes were evaluated through an online survey specifically designed for professionals in the field working with nautical charts and an in-lab, controlled, experiment. This paper presents the coding schemes, the findings of the survey and experiment, discusses future work, and seeks feedback, recommendations for improvements, and collaborators.


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