Effective Automated Procedures for Hydrographic Data Review

TitleEffective Automated Procedures for Hydrographic Data Review
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsMasetti, G, Faulkes, T, Wilson, MJ, Wallace, J
Pages 338-354
Date PublishedAugust 25
Place PublishedBasel, Switzerland
Keywordsautomated procedures, data review, hydrographic survey, nautical charts

Reviewing hydrographic data for nautical charting is still a predominately manual process, performed by experienced analysts and based on directives developed over the years by the hydrographic office of interest. With the primary intent to increase the effectiveness of the review process, a set of automated procedures has been developed over the past few years, translating a significant portion of the NOAA Office of Coast Survey’s specifications for hydrographic data review into code (i.e., the HydrOffice applications called QC Tools and CA Tools). When applied to a large number of hydrographic surveys, it has been confirmed that such procedures improve both the quality and timeliness of the review process. Increased confidence in the reviewed data, especially by personnel in training, has also been observed. As such, the combined effect of applying these procedures is a novel holistic approach to hydrographic data review. Given the similarities of review procedures among hydrographic offices, the described approach has generated interest in the ocean mapping community.

Publication Linkhttps://www.mdpi.com/2673-7418/2/3/19/htm