Evaluating Countable Texture Elements to Represent Bathymetric Uncertainty

TitleEvaluating Countable Texture Elements to Represent Bathymetric Uncertainty
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsWare, C, Kastrisios, C
Conference NameEuroVis 2022
Conference DatesJune 13-17
PublisherThe Eurographics Association
Conference LocationRome, Italy
Keywordscolor mapping, data quality visualization, Data uncertainty, design study, ecdis, user surveys, Visual Variables, Zones of Confidence

Measurements of the depth of the seabed vary widely in both horizontal and vertical accuracy. To convey this information to mariners, Zones of Confidence (ZOC) are defined for charts. A mosaic of ZOCs can be represented as a chart overlay. This study evaluates two novel designs for textures to represent ZOCs. Both use textures with countable elements to represent different ZOC levels. One uses a texture made of lines where the number of lines in a texture cell represents the confidence level; the other uses dot clusters where the number of dots similarly represents the ZOC level. In the study, these were compared with three alternatives that used color to respond and accuracy as dependent variables. The dot clusters design yielded the fastest responses overall. A method using levels of color transparency proved to be the slowest and least accurate.


URL for Proceedinghttps://www.researchgate.net/publication/361524294_Evaluating_Countable_Texture_Elements_to_Represent_Bathymetric_Uncertainty