Global Trends in Ocean Noise

TitleGlobal Trends in Ocean Noise
Publication TypeBook Section
AuthorsMiksis-Olds, J
EditorPopper, AN, Hawkins, A
Book TitleEffects of Noise on Aquatic Life II
ChapterGlobal Trends in Ocean Noise
PublisherSpringer Science & Business Media, LLC
LocationNew York, NY
KeywordsAmbient Sound, Global Trends, Ocean Noise, Sound Floor, Soundscape

This ongoing work provides information about sound level trends from three ocean regions to compare with those of the North Pacific to determine whether increasing sound levels are a global phenomenon. Here the term soundscape is used to describe a measured physical property that can be selectively decomposed by frequency and sound level is used to provide insight relating to conditions ranging from the quietest conditions (sound floor) to the most extreme acoustic events. Acoustic time series from the Indian, South Atlantic, and Equatorial Pacific Oceans were used to quantify the rate and direction of low-frequency change over the past decade.

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