Maritime Zones Delimitation Problems and Solutions

TitleMaritime Zones Delimitation Problems and Solutions
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
AuthorsKastrisios, C, Tsoulos, L
Conference NameInternational Cartographic Conference (ICC)
Conference DatesJuly 2–7
PublisherInternational Cartographic Association (ICA)
Conference LocationWashington, DC
KeywordsBoundaries delimitation, Contiguous zone, continental shelf, Exclusive Economic Zone, Maritime zones, Territorial Sea

The delimitation of maritime zones and boundaries foreseen by the United Nations Conve of the Sea (UNCLOS) is a factor of economic growth, effective management of the coastal and ocean environment and the cornerstone for maritime spatial planning. coastal states and their accurate delineation and cartographic portrayal is a matter of national priority. Although UNCLOS is a legal document, its implementation theoretical and applied background on Geodesy, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for those involved. This paper provides a brief historical background of the evolution of the UNCLOS, presents the various concepts of the Convention and identifies the problems inherent in the maritime delimitation process. Furthermore, it presents solutions that will facilitate the cartographer's work in order to achieve unque the paper it becomes evident that the role of the cartographer and the GIS expert is critical for the successful impl mentation of maritime delimitation.

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