Three-Dimensional Assessment of Seaweed Habitats Using Remote Sensing

TitleThree-Dimensional Assessment of Seaweed Habitats Using Remote Sensing
Publication TypeConference Abstract
AuthorsDijkstra, JA, Norton, AR, Dijkstra, SJ
Conference NameCoastal and Estuarine Research Federation
Conference LocationProvidence, RI
Conference DatesNovember 5-9
Keywordsbenthic habitats, macroalgae, seaweeds

Seafloor mapping at different scales via multibeam echosounder (MBES) has become a prominent tool for characterizing marine habitats. The presence/absence of macroalgae, for example, have been determined using shipboard MBES systems. However, differentiation of macroalgal assemblages through integration of MBES water column data, diver survey, and in-situ video collection has yet to be established. The purpose of this study is to evaluate an integrative approach to assess the distribution and cover of various macroalgal assemblages across seascapes. High frequency water column multibeam data, along with diver and video surveys were collected at 3 sites around the Isles of Shoals and one site in York, ME. Water column data was used to assess canopy heights and were correlated with diver collected canopy heights and in-situ 3D models of macroalgae collected in different morphological seafloor settings. Integration of multiple datasets may provide insights for the detection, differentiation and characterization of macroalgal assemblages at spatial scales greater than that covered using SCUBA.