A Distributed Approach to Ocean, Atmosphere & Climate Model Data Interoperability

Rich Signell

US Geological Survey
Woods Hole

Friday, Mar. 29, 2013, 3:00pm
Chase 130

As coastal ocean researchers, we still spend too much time on mundane tasks like reformatting data or writing custom scripts to wrangle unique datasets into submission.  Fortunately, an infrastructure for earth sciences is emerging across the globe based on common data models and web services.  As we evolve from custom file formats and web sites to standards-based tools, data is becoming easier to distribute, find and retrieve, leaving more time for science.  This talk will describe standards-based tools and techniques for Matlab, Python, R, ArcGIS and Excel users to facilitate search, delivery and access to ocean, atmosphere and climate model data.  The same techniques can be applied to remote sensing data, digital terrain and bathymetric data. 


Rich has a Ph.D in Physical Oceanography from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography (1989). He has worked most of his career on numerical modeling of coastal ocean and sediment transport dynamics.  For the last five years, he has been working with the US Integrated Ocean Observing System community to facilitate model data interoperability.