UNH Ocean Seminar

Theory and Applications: The Role of Imaging in Robotics for Mapping Low Contrast High Backscatter Environments

Hanumant Singh

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University

Friday, Sep. 22, 2023, 3:10pm
Chase 105

Snow, Ice, Backscatter and schools of fish present unique challenges to optical imaging underwater and 3D structure from motion. In this talk, I will explore the theory of multicamera imaging from a robotics perspective and show some initial results of how such systems can be brought to bear on the challenging task of mapping and the edge of glaciers to understand melt rates over time. I will also explore how reasonably priced IMUs can be used to extend these techniques for working in high backscatter regimes such as in shallow water around docks and pilings. 


Hanumant Singh is a Professor at Northeastern University. He received his Ph.D. from the MIT WHOI Joint Program in 1995 after which he worked on the Staff at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution until 2016 when he joined Northeastern. His group has designed and built the Seabed AUV, as well as the Jetyak Autonomous Surface Vehicle, dozens of which are in use for scientific and academic research across the globe. He also has strong interests in the development and use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). He has participated in 60 expeditions in all of the world’s oceans in support of Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Deep Water Archaeology, Chemical Oceanography, Polar Studies, and Coral Reef Ecology. His work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, the BBC, the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Discover Magazine, and other news and television outlets around the world. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and has received the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society Lifetime Achievement Award.