UNH Ocean Seminar

USGS Science for Resilient Coastlines: Observing, Modeling, and Forecasting Coastal Change Hazards

Dr. Hilary Stockdon
Science Advisor

Marine Hazards and Resources Program
U.S. Geological Survey Coastal

Friday, Nov. 3, 2023, 3:10pm
Chase 105

Changes in coastal landscapes due to storms, sea level rise, and human development pose substantial risk to communities across the Nation. The USGS is the recognized Federal provider of scientific tools to anticipate and respond to physical change along our coasts and the consequences of climate-driven landscape change.  USGS operational, real-time forecasts of erosion and inundation for all weather conditions, including storms and hurricanes, provide the public with reliable, nationally consistent guidance on pending threats to safety. To address needs related to long-term planning, restoration, and development, scientists assess past land loss, erosion, and flooding, and develop projections of changes due to future extreme storms and sea level rise, as well as the impacts on coastal environments, communities, and infrastructure.  Additionally, research quantifying the value of natural capital, like coral reefs and wetlands, in providing coastal protection supports National efforts to reduce risk and build resilience.  


Dr. Hilary Stockdon is currently the Science Advisor for the U.S. Geological Survey Coastal-Marine Hazards and Resources Program.  In previous roles inside and outside of USGS, her focus has been on leading the development and coordination of National programs for coastal research and science applications aimed at addressing stakeholder needs. Her earlier research on the impacts of storms on coastal communities has led to tools that predict beach response to extreme events and raised public awareness about the value of scientific information on coastal vulnerability, helping residents prepare for challenges associated with living by the ocean. She received her B.S. in Geology from Duke University and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Oceanography from Oregon State University.