One Ping at a Time: RV FALKOR’s Contributions to Seafloor Mapping

Colleen Peters
Lead Marine Technician

Research Vessel FALKOR
Schmidt Ocean Institute

Friday, Feb. 12, 2016, 3:00pm
Chase 130

Schmidt Ocean Institute is a relatively young company in the oceanographic community. After only a few years in operation, the RV FALKOR has made significant contributions to the scientific community, and in particular, to seafloor mapping. In collaboration with a number of universities and agencies, the FALKOR provides some of the highest quality multibeam data in the oceanographic fleet. The RV FALKOR has mapped areas of the Gulf of Mexico, Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Mariana Trench, Australia and Indonesia. This seminar will discuss the contributions that FALKOR has made, why it works so well, and how students and researchers can get onboard. 


Colleen Peters is a Lead Marine Technician aboard the Research Vessel Falkor, operated by Schmidt Ocean Institute. She helps plan upcoming science cruises and leads the onboard technical team to support the science party with their research. The technical team is responsible for operating, maintaining and troubleshooting all of the science equipment installed on the vessel. Ms. Peters graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a B.S in Marine Science, an A.S. in Small Vessel Operations, and a 200-ton Master’s license. Colleen has worked on 14 ships, both sail and motor, in the passenger, sail training and scientific research industries. Her professional interests include seafloor mapping, learning how to deploy new equipment, exploring areas of the ocean for the first time, and training the next-generation of technicians.