Physics-based Models for Remote Acoustic Characterization of the Seafloor

Anatoliy Ivakin

Applied Physics Laboratory
University of Washington

Friday, Apr. 24, 2015, 3:00pm
Chase 130

The seminar will focus mostly on physics-based modeling of scattering from rough heterogeneous sea beds and its application to remote sensing of sediment physical and geotechnical properties. Recent developments in modeling for remotely quantification of a hydrothermal activity on the seafloor, monitoring of oil and gas, and some other applications, will be briefly discussed as well. 


Anatoliy Ivakin is a Senior Physicist in the Ocean Acoustics Department in the University of Washington's Applied Physics Lab. Dr. Ivakin's research interests include wave propagation and scattering in continuous and discrete media with rough interfaces and volume heterogeneity, theoretical and numerical modeling of random processes and fields, signal processing and inversion techniques, environmental acoustics and applications to underwater reverberation and remote sensing, sea-bed and sea-ice characterization, marine ecology, as well as detection and assessment of oil, gas, and gas hydrates, and environmental monitoring and evaluation of risks related to offshore oil and gas exploration, production, and transportation. Dr. Ivakin joined APL-UW as a Senior Physicist in 2001 and was elected to Fellowship in the Acoustical Society of America the same year.