Side Scan Sonar and Underwater Discovery

Garry Kozak

GK Consulting

Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, 3:00pm
Chase 130

This presentation will take you on a journey of underwater discovery made possible by side scan sonar. An introduction on the theory of side scan sonar operation will be presented along with some of the amazing discoveries this technology has made possible. The journey will take us from the Arctic, to South America to Lochness and more.


For the past 34 years, Garry has been employed by Klein Associates of Salem, NH, the technology leader in Side Scan Sonar systems. He is a recognized expert in undersea search operations and travels the world providing consulting and training expertise to Navies and companies who have a critical underwater search need. Garry began his underwater search and survey career in 1972, doing side scan sonar surveys off the coast of Labrador, for CanDive/Oceaneering. His work has taken him to the Canadian Arctic with Dr. Joe MacInnis to locate the H.M.S. Breadalbane, off the coast of England with author Clive Cussler in search of John Paul Jones’ vessel, the Bon Homme Richard, and on countless other treasure and historic shipwreck.