Tagging Whales in Fjords of the West Antarctic Peninsula

Colin Ware
Director of the Data Visualization Research Lab
CCOM/JHC University of New Hampshire
Friday, Oct. 30, 2009, 3:00pm
Chase 130

Colin Ware is a member of the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping and Director of the Data Visualization Research Lab. Dr. Ware's position is split between the Ocean Engineering and Computer Science Departments.

Dr. Ware has a background in human/computer interaction (HCI) and has been instrumental in developing a number of innovative approaches to the interactive 3-D visualization of large data sets.

As a founding member of the University of New Brunswick Ocean Mapping Group, Dr. Ware designed many of the algorithms and interactive techniques that were that were incorporated into Fledermaus, a 3D visualization package and into CARIS HIPS, the most commonly used commercial hydrographic processing package.

Here is a link to his home page>>