Upcoming Seminars

Tom Lippmann

Earth Sciences and Ocean Engineering

Friday, Dec. 1, 2023, 3:10pm
Katie Kirk
Doctoral Dissertation Defense


Monday, Dec. 4, 2023, 2:00pm

Past Seminars

Luciano Emídio da Fonseca
Associate Professor

Electronic Engineering
University of Brasília

Feb. 18, 2022
Erwin Fuentes and Leighton Paradis
Sr. Marine Systems Engineers

Verdant Power

Feb. 11, 2022
Luci Baker, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington

Feb. 4, 2022
Jeffrey King, Ph.D., P.E.
Program Manager and Deputy National Lead

Engineering With Nature® Program
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Jan. 28, 2022
Clint Marcus
Directed Research Project

M.S. in Earth Sciences/Ocean Mapping

Dec. 16, 2021
Dr. Vincent S. Neary
Marine Energy Technologies Lead

Water Power Technologies
Sandia National Laboratories

Dec. 10, 2021
Dr. Grant Deane

Marine Physical Laboratory
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
UC San Diego

Dec. 3, 2021
Hilary Kates Varghese

Doctoral Dissertation Defense
Earth Sciences – Oceanography

Nov. 23, 2021
Roger Flood

School of Marine and Oceanographic Sciences
Stony Brook University

Nov. 19, 2021
Dr. Nina Stark and Matthew Florence

Geotechnical Engineering Program
Virginia Tech

Nov. 12, 2021