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Randy Cutter

Affiliate Assistant Research Professor

George Randall Cutter is a Research Oceanographer for NOAA Fisheries in San Diego, California. His research focuses on developing and implementing advanced tools and techniques for remotely sensing marine organisms. He has developed underwater imaging systems and methods for multibeam echosounders that have improved our ability to detect, locate, and identify fish and other organisms to improve biological assessments as well as increase resolution and characterization of the seabed and habitats. He is working to develop methods for automated detection and classification of fish and other animals in imagery from underwater images, including stereo-cameras and tools for measuring fish from stereo imagery and creating dense three-dimensional reconstructions of the seabed and demersal fish. Randy has also led the development of the NMFS Fisheries AUV and is a representative of NOAA’s Strategic Initiative for Automated Image Analysis.

Randy is an alumna of CCOM having completed his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences-Oceanography in 2005.